Oore Installs Bamigboye As Obadofin of Otun Ekiti

Oore Installs Bamigboye As Obadofin of Otun Ekiti Authority Publication

This is the day God has made. The day the Sun has shone. The day all gets well with Otun Community and that beautiful day peace has birthed in Idofin/Ogboye Quarters through a King, a Monarch, a leader with passion, agile with unalloyed patriotism. 

This morning, His Royal Majesty, Olofin Adimula, Oba Adekunle Adeagbo, Ilufemiloye 1, The Oore of Otun Ekiti, Paramount Ruler of Mobaland in Ekiti, Kwara, Lagos and Republic of Benin and Permanent Chairman, Moba Traditional Rulers' Council in Ekiti State, Nigeria installed Mr Akinwoye Bamigboye as OBADOFIN of Otun Ekiti. 

In a statement released to OORE MONUMENT MEDIA, the traditional rites were in progress as at the time of filing the report. 

Recall, the Idofin and Ogboye Quarters brought before His Royal Majesty Mr Adewoye Bamigboye being ratification of their consensus on the preferred candidate on April 10, 2021 by the two Elerebis. 

The event of today was significant in the annals of Otun Ekiti as regards peaceful and cohesive resolutions of the duo. 

Historically, Obadofin was said to have been next to Oore in the Community's traditional hierarchy. But due to a very significant sacrifice incurred by Obanla who donated his twins (when no one could) to be sacrificed for peace, safeguard against external invasion and territorial expansion, according to the Ifa Oracle, caused The Obanla to be number two in the hierarchy as compensation for the supreme sacrifice his twins paid. 

The new Obadofin, Chief Adewoye Bamigboye hails from Idofin Quarters, a technocrat and seasoned Administrator who had worked meritoriously with Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Nigeria will be welcomed into "Agba Otun" fold. 

The ceremony was heaped up with hundreds of followers from Idofin/Ogboye Quarters, Otun Chiefs in their grand style and admirers across the Federation of Nigeria. 

In a nutshell, what can be adduced to the streaming and seamless development radiating in Otun Community cannot be separated from the peace-looking, development-driven, image-making and bridge-building tendencies of His Excellency, Dr John Kayode Fayemi-led administration in Ekiti State, OORE MONUMENT MEDIA has learnt.

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